Van Gogh Alive

The exhibition at İstanbul Modern was very interesting indeed.  In the entrance Van Gogh’s famous paintings with their titles and explanations welcome you.  You read and pass to the dark corridor which is lightened by little lamps on the floor. The sound of music catches your ears and then you are in the exhibition.Ooops.. There are a lot of screens around and pictures are going up and down, right to left.. In fact, there are 40 projectors which display Van Gogh’s paintings on the screen. There is also one screen where you can read about Van Gogh’s writing about love, drawing, his insanity, etc. How are we going to see these things at the same time. We found a place that we can see  both the paintings and the writing and started to watch…We were watching the paintings, listening to the selected nice music and reading Van Gogh’s ideas …

I think it was good because there were some effects in some paintings. Some parts were added one by one  or birds were flying on the screen. It lasts approximately 25-30 minutes. Like many people I was hoping to see more paintings than that were exhibited. Anyway, it was an interesting experience to see Van Gogh Alive ..

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