The new semester at school

After preparing for a month for the new semester, the time has come, and the school started. How happy we are ! (Unfortunately nooo !) Before the school started I was busy with some official things like preparing the departmental schedule with a friend. It was so tiring that you can’t help getting angry at people who want some changes at the last moment. After two attempts to do the same thing, I decided that you can never please everybody, even if you struggle to do that. Some people are programmed to create problems. Anyway, it is over now.

 Then the problems with the registration of the students start. An electronic registration system which can’t work at the registration week. The lists are mixed, students are afraid that they won’t be able to finish their school registration, they are visiting their advisors everyday to check if it is ok or not. The teachers (who are advisors) are trying to prepare new lesson plans for the new semester but frequently interrupted by these visits…It’s so hectic.

 By the way, I forgot the Erasmus students. They are anxious, too. They also want to check if their lessons are entered to the system here. It also takes time to compare the lessons they got at other universities with the ones here. The ones who come from other countries want to learn about the system here. They are definitely right. They have no one else to consult apart from the Erasmus coordinator.

Can you think of a teacher working at a university with such bundle of work following academic world, researching and producing ??? It’s so difficult. When you think they also have private lives, you can feel sad about them..However, you can still hear some teachers laughing at the corridor in spite of these difficulties. Why ?  Let me answer, because they are used to that. Every year the same things happen, teachers complain and nothing changes..I think it will be the same.. If you look from the positive side, the teachers become stronger and  practical, if you look from the negative side, they will give up  struggling with these difficulties. They will end up finding some easy solutions (maybe ignoring some of their duties) one day…Let’s hope positive things to happen in the future…

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