Impressions from Greece

I was in Athens for a conference as I said before. It was a different experience for me to see a new country. Although it was very very hot, even hotter than Mersin, it was an exciting trip. Let me tell you about my adventures in Greece

First, we decided to go there by air and it was most convenient to fly from Izmir. After 13 hours of bus trip to İzmir, I met a friend from University, Ceyda. She took us to her home in Urla. We had a chance to rest for a night.  Besides, we had a chance to be together after 9 years.e As we had stayed in the same room at the university dormitary, I felt at home. This kind of friendship never ends, you can continue from the point you left.

 In the morning we went to the airport. By the way, we chose Pegasus airlines as it had a flight that morning with a convenient price. Surprisingly the flight took only 45 minutes. It was shorter than Adana-Istanbul flight which lasted 1.5 hours. The airport in Athens was not complicated and we could easily find the metro to our hotel. The hotel we booked gave a good description to get there on its website. At first sight, the metro lines may seem complicated but you get used to it in time. I think it is very well organized, you can easily find your way in Athens thanks to the metro.

It was nearly midday when we reached our hotel  which was  close to the metro station.  At last we were in our room at Apollo hotel, which was comfortable and clean. Apart from the breakfast we had no trouble at the hotel. (They had only cheese and eggs, cakes for us  to eat apart from other options like ham, yoghurt, boiled peach, cornflakes. No tomato , no cucumber, no olive, etc. :(   , they had black tea though) After a short rest we decided to wander in the city. As we were close to the city center Syntagma, we decided to go around there. Although it was 17:00 pm. it was very hot.  I don’t remember any other time that I wore a hat for that long when I was in Athens. It was very disturbing.

The city seemed like abondened at first sight. As Greece was under economic depression, most of the shops were closed. The streets were a bit dirty.  There were protests around the city. We even met protestors with their black and red balloons one day. As everybody knows Greece is experiencing an economic crisis and you can feel it in Athens.

When it comes to what I have done in Athens, I can say that I saw all the touristic places there. On our first day we went out for a walk in the city center, Syntgma. We saw a red double deck bus and tourists in front of the ‘National Gardens’. We talked to them. It looked like a good offer. They told us that with a   ticket we could see all the important places for two days. There were brochures and headphones on the bus.  By looking at the brochure and listening to the information through the headphone you learn lots of things about a place. If you like you can get off the bus from any point you like, go in that place. Then you can catch another bus that belongs to the same company at specific hours (they ara also listed in the brochure). It’s so easy. However, I recommend the travellers to buy tickets from the local company because the international company finishes the tours at 19:00, the local continues at night. When you consider the hot weather,it makes sense.

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