How about a little change in your life?

Sometimes life can take you to some places where you have never thought of. It means to start everything from the beginning…very very difficult as you can imagine. You should get used to your new house, new job, new colleagues, new neighbours, etc. Human beings can sometimes be stronger than they expect themselves to be in such difficult situations. When you find yourself in the middle of a difficulty  you have to do something. That’s what happened to me..

.I am in a new city, Istanbul, where I never wanted to come and live !!! When I  last came in October 2010 I was telling mum’ a wonderful city to wander around but how can they live here???’  Now I understand how they live here…One can get used to anything…It’s difficult, but there are lots of surprises in the city everyday…I like it though !

Here everybody is in a hurry, life is moving very fast fact it is everywhere, but here there is the traffic problem.Everybody is trying to go from somewhere to somewhere by using the fastest transportation. Buses, metrobus, trams are all crowded. There is a line in most public places.  Besides, something I have noticed here is people are addicted to their mobile phones (listening to music, playing games, talking) and are smoking a lot on the streets (which I hate the most). Another interesting thing for me is that you can live in your house without going out for a long time because you can call the market, grocery, fast food rest or any kind of rest and ask for something until late hours.This makes your life easy.

Another thing to be mentioned about the city is its stairs, especially at the district where I am living. Istanbul is on  seven hills and I think I am living on one of them, as there are stairs everywhere..They are sometimes so steep and tiring that you can’t breathe while climbing them. Every day I use those stairs to take my daughter to her school (to and fro). I think I will get fit :) I even stopped driving as finding a parking place is very difficult and very steep roads around :( it was my freedom. I sometimes feel I am back to my university days in Ankara as I used to get on the bus there. It doesn’t take me a lot of time to go to school though, it is ok. You can also witness some interesting events in the bus,too..

these are my first impressions about living in this big marvellous city ….

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