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Since March I’ve been teaching Moodle at Beykent University to Assistant Proffessors who are going to use it for their courses. It’s great to see them discover something new, get puzzled, confused, but happy ! Let me tell you how we began..

I’ve been using Moodle for the last 8 years and I made great benefit out of it. I used it for my prep grammar, prep writing, writing for the first year students, f at the English Language Teaching Department at Mersin Universtiy. I used for an online course for the 4th year ELT students to support my face to face course. I taught them to use Web 2.O tools for teaching English via Moodle. I’m still using it for my prep classes for grammar and writing. I’m adding my files, links, taking assignments via Moodle. I think this is something that teachers should have idea about.Anyway, let me continue the story..

One day officials from Beykent university contacted us to talk to them about Moodle. I accepted and went with a presentation about Moodle in general terms. The University rector, deans, other officials were present during my speech. They were on the verge of deciding on a learning platform to use at their university. They listened to my presentation, asked questions and then decided that Moodle was a good choice for them !

Then we set out with the members of the school administration and talked about who should have the education at  first? The university gave a questionnaire on Computer literacy to assistant proffessors and we composed the classrooms with the results of those questionnaires. The teachers to have the education were computer literate :) We made two groups out of 25, totally 50. We made a course outline  showing what will be taught .

We are holding  the courses in the university’s computer lab as one should practice using Moodle. Up to now we have covered  many resources and activities. Teachers tried and learned and most importantly we discussed how to transfer the activities into their courses. We had discussions  on pedagogical issues. We still continue about how to integrate one specific module into a course.

Anyway we are about to finish the Moodle training, and the teachers who first found the Moodle editing screen a bit complicated got used to it and started to design their courses for future use. I hope both the teachers and the students will benefit from Moodle.

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