A Movie ‘Inception’

I watched this terrific movie last week. I think this is Leanordo’s best performance. He really acts well. He looks so convincing while saying that he can manage dreams of people.

In the movie he is a character who has this specific talent. He can get into peoples’ dreams and learn things about them. He uses his talent for ill purposes, though. He gets into people’s dreams to get their secrets. He is also hired to plant an idea to a man’s mind in the film. This action is called ‘inception’. He will get into a young man’s dream and will plant the ideas that his father’s rival desires.  Dom (Leanordo Dı Caprio) does all these for a good aim (I won’t say what it is, because you may want to watch it).

This movie is a bit longer than other films but you even don’t notice it.  The story is so different and I think it is worth watching !

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