A book: “İstanbul Hatırası” by Ahmet Ümit

I have just finished reading this magnificient book. If you are interested in mysterious events, history ( especially Ottoman history), detective stories you must read it.  Ahmet Ümit studied a lot to write this book. He studied with the historians, architects, vets (you will understand why if you read the book), museum staff, etc. You feel this while you are following the exciting and mysterious murders in the novel. 

It was a great chance for me to be in Bodrum when he was there to sign his books. I had a chance to talk to him.  We talked about his project about the novel ‘İstanbul Hatırası’. He organized a touristic tour in Istanbul to the historical places he had mentioned in his novel. He was the tour guide. It would be marvellous to listen to him while visiting Topkapı Palace, Çemberlitaş, Beyazıt Square and all the other places. He told me that they would organize another tour in September, 2010.

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